To watch what we do not see anymore and that our footsteps tread indifferently day after day on the sidewalks or pavements: the asphalt.

Like a geographer or an archaeologist, I have sought, photographic loafer, to record the aesthetic variations, due to the weather and the flow of days, carpets of tar and other oil derivatives that take the streets of Paris.

A complex compound of asphalts and stony aggregates, asphalt reacts to weather events: blisters, creases, fissures, ruptures succeed one another on its surface as well as on the yellow or white, sometimes blue, signaling markings of which it is valiantly covered.

Soulage, in his paintings, made the light spring from the darkness. I imitate it with my objectives by trying to grasp the emotions that assail me by observing this impervious surfacing impervious to road traffic, road works, precipitation and temperature variations constantly changing its appearance for often very brief durations, according to the hours and the seasons.

Parisian asphalt offers the photographer an extraordinary landscape.