HIP-HOP is not a dance but a culture that puts forward values and codes.

Born in the ghettos of big American cities like New York or Los Angeles, it has spread across the continents.

In Europe, and particularly in Paris, the HIP-HOP culture has its own specificities but it keeps a language, a state of mind, a way of life which is its own.

BATTLES are organized by the community to allow dancers to express their art in a circle with their public. Real challenges are played out. During intense minutes, the dancers confront each other, giving up nothing to themselves or to their opponents.

Under my lens, I tried to find both the atmosphere but also the art of living of the Parisian HIP-HOP through many dances such as KrumpLockingPoppingBreakdance, etc. but also through more intimate sessions between the dancers and their art in the studio.

Hip-hop culture...